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Wachovia Student Loans

Wachovia provides education loans for undergraduates, graduate students, parents, and more. Learn about different college loans and find information about financial aid. There are a number of affordable student loans to choose from.

Benefits of Wachovia Student Loans

Wachovia student loans are essentially education loans taken out with Wachovia. That sounds simple enough, right? And while this aspect is pretty easy, the choices you have for student loans are vast. Without a bit of guidance, securing financing for your college career could get a bit sticky.

Loan Products

Like most other lending institutions, Wachovia is a participant in the Federal Stafford Loans and the suite of PLUS loans. Beyond these the company provides its brand of private student loan – the Wachovia Education Loan – designed with low interest rates and large margins for borrowing. This loan is credit based and is approved based on a variety of factors.

Alternative student loans include a specialized suite of TERI loans each designed for continuing education students, medical students, or loans for students attending college abroad.

Federal Stafford Loan

The Federal Stafford Loan is the most popular education loan for undergraduates and graduate students.

Though part of the Federal Family Education Loan program, Stafford Loans are often made available through private lenders like Wachovia.

No credit check is necessary to qualify, and no payments are required until six months after you graduate or drop below half-time enrollment.

Federal Parent PLUS Loan

The Federal Parent PLUS Loan is an affordable, low-interest loan designed for parents of undergraduate students.

Cover the Total Cost of Education

The Parent PLUS Loan can be used to cover up to 100 percent of your child’s total cost of education, minus other financial aid awarded to the student. This total amount can include tuition, books, food, housing, transportation, and more.

Though eligibility for the Parent PLUS Loan is not based on household income, assets or financial need, having your student fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is encouraged and may be requested by your child’s school.