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ACS Student Loans

ACS (Allied Computer Services) handles a number of financial responsibilities for hundreds of thousands of people. One of their main points of business is student loans. ACS handles everything from student loan origination to servicing and even consolidation once you have completed your education. ACS handles federal and private student loans issues and simplifies the student loan process.

When it comes to processing student loans, ACS provides what is called business process outsourcing.  That is, because they are efficient in storing and processing college loan information, the US government has awarded ACS with a contract to administer a portion of their federal student loan program.

The ACS-service process is very simple. According to the company website applications can be completed online. But before the completion of the online application, potential applicants must firstfill out a form called the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student AID. This form is available from your school financial support. A few weeks after the submission of the applicant is a SAR – Student Aid Report will be. In this report, important information that applicants make when completing the entire application to be included.

ACS Loans for Student / Parent Borrowers

ACS provides both information access and servicing of student loans.  All of these are easily accessible via online / website access.  To use their website tools, a user has to register and create an account.  Once completed the student or parent borrower has access to the following services:

* ExpressPay – a web based solution that allows students and parent to service, or pay, for loans from the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program, Perkins Loans as well as Alternative Loans.
* Account management services including verifying financial information, loan balances, payment history, and student loan interest rates.
* Online applications for student loan deferments, forbearance or economic hardship deferments.
* Email notifications of account status including processing of student loan payments.

ACS Student Loan Consolidation

If you previously took out federal student loans, you might want to learn about the benefits of ACS student loan consolidation. The ACS website provides information and application forms, and an ACS loan consolidation could mean you only have to write one check each month. It also might help you lock in a lower interest rate to reduce your total monthly payment amount.

If your ACS financing is also a government loan you will also have the normal benefits that go along with federal loans:

* Deferred payments
* Deferred interest in some cases
* A low fixed interest rate
* Tax deductible

ACS student loans are among the most popular loans for education and it is easy to see why. They offer ease of management, variety of loan types and all the benefits of government loans. They offer everything you need in a student loan.

So, Why ACS Student Loans?

Perhaps you like the convenience and time saving aspects of managing all of your student loans online, and only having to deal with one entity for your loan servicing, from application to repayment to consolidation. ACS works with many universities across the United States. Even if your college or university is not offering ACS student loans, the ACS website is a valuable resource of helpful tools and information, and well worth visiting.